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Undercover Hippie

Saturday, July 31, 2004

Bush Hater's Unite

What do Uday and Qusay have in common with this woman of Miami Beach, FL?

Well, they both have the same dying wish.

Friday, July 30, 2004

Haaretz is Ha - A - Wrong

Some bright bulb (Reuven Pedatzur) at Haaretz is complaining that Israel's successful test of the Arrow Anti-Missile Missile will cause an arms race in the middle east, and paradoxically make things less stable.

I think the only thing being made less stable by the Arrow is Mr. Pedatzur's brain. It was the threat of an ABM system that caused the Soviet Union to spend itself into annihilation. And that was a threat against the Soviet Empire. This is not a threat. This is a reality against a bunch of borderline Third World thugs.

The real thing causing instability in the Middle East is a network of anti-Israeli countries who seek the end of Israel as a sovereign nation, a people, and a religion. Get that and learn it.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Conspiracies not necessary

Whenever the Democrat Dufus looks like a dufus, the Dem's complain that its a Republican conspiracy to make the dufus look like a dufus. You don't need a conspiracy to make this dufus look like a dufus. The reason is very simple.


Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Attack of the Moore-on's

So I just got done reading the interchange between Bill O'Reilly and Michael Moore at the DNC convention.

Moore just keeps ranting about sending the "children" in to fight for a "lie."

First, there were/are WMD's in Iraq! We got hit with them! Doesn't anyone remember the Sarin in the IED they found on the roadside? What's wrong with these people? Selective memory, or selective understanding?

Second, we don't send children into war! These are grown men and women. And, we don't have a draft. They were all volunteers. If he wants to keep saying silly things like this, I'm going to have to tell his mother. She'll slap him good! Silly little boy.

Third, O'Reilly and Moore both said that Bush said this was for an "imminent threat." Except that he never said that. In fact, he said that we needed to do this BEFORE the threat became imminent.

Fourth, Moore said that Bush kept saying there was a supposed connection between Iraq and 9/11. Bush did NOT say that. He said there was a connection between Iraq and Al Qeada. He never said they colluded specifically on 9/11.

So, on every point Moore is the one who's lying.

Floods, redux

So I was checking into this "separation" thing regarding the help with the flood. The lady who is coordinating the whole effort at the township is in my church. I went up to her and asked "Why hasn't the church been sending anyone to help?" The look on her face told me she'd obviously heard the "rumors" and was sick of them.

So, that got me to thinking. The only thing worse than if this is true, is that this is false. I mean, this is just a distraction from doing the work that really needs to be done. So, I gave her my number and said I'd like to help.

Unfortunately, I have to coach 3 more weeks of Flag Football. This is annoying (but that's another story). I'll try to help a little bit here and there in the meantime.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Flood ravaged town, thought ravaged minds

So some of you may have heard of our recent floods in Burlington County, NJ. I have friend who lost almost everything he owns.

Well, the church I attend (Fellowship Alliance Chapel, Medford, NJ) has been helping out with people and material, and coordination. It's been amazing. But, my town (Lumberton) got hit as bad, if not worse, than Medford. Our church hasn't sent any crews to my town. I've been wondering why. On a work crew assignment today someone told me that the genius mayor (or someone?) in Lumberton turned down the offer of help from the church.

Yes, that's right! THEY TURNED IT DOWN!!!

Why? Well, get this! They were told its because they're concerned about "Separation of Church and State."

I don't know who said this, or even if its accurate. But I promise you this: I will get to the bottom of this and if its true, I will have a new mission in my life. My mission will be to completely lay waste to the political career of whoever has done this! Mayor? No. Councilman? No. Dog catcher? No. The guy at the fire department who polishes the chrome on the pumper truck? No. (You can MAYBE hold his towels for him though ... MAYBE.)

Friday, July 23, 2004

Okay to start hating him now

Eddie George is headed to Dallas. He came so close to being loved by a whole city. Heck, he's FROM Philly! How could he do this? Its just tragic.

Oh, well. Break his legs!

Thursday, July 22, 2004

My Eagles

Yes, I'm an Eagles fan. And yes, I'm also a Dittohead (that means I'm a Rush Limbaugh fan for those of you from Rio Linda).

How, you may ask, do I reconcile these two seemingly contradictory things?

Well, its not that hard really. Lets look at the McNabb-Limbaugh controversy. Rush said:
1- the media are a bunch of dopes, and
2- that McNabb is overrated.

Number 1? No problem. Anyone care to argue? ... thought not.

Number 2? I can understand someone coming to that conclusion. Because, quite frankly, he has not lived up to the hype. But why? There are two reasonable conclusions. Either he was over-hyped, or he is under-achieving. Rush believes the former, while I believe the latter.

Anyway, its all for nought at the moment. Training camp starts next week. Terrell Owens is in town. Jevon Kearse is here. (There are rumors that Eddie George wants to come to Philly... don't know.) Perhaps we will see who is right this season. Because with all of these acquisitions, there are no more excuses for McNabb. Either he performs or I'm going to start agreeing with Rush.

John Edwards on NATO Leaders

DRUDGE is currently (as of this writing) flashing a quote from John Edwards, saying NATO leaders told him they (essentially) want Bush to lose.

Which NATO leaders? Cut-and-run-Spain? Oil-For-Palaces-Germany and Russia?

Oh, wait! I know! It's the Dutch! Evil Dutch bastards!

Sandy Burglar

Well, now the detailed press reports are starting to come out. (Washington Post, and News Leader)

I've been in classified meetings, and have taken notes, and have had those checked before I left. Believe me, folks, you don't do what he says he did just by accident. It HAD to be intentional. That's why there's a procedure. You follow the procedure to minimize and/or eliminate any potential for accidents like that.

And this was not just a single document or two. This is (from press reports) over 50 pages of notes that left without approval.

Its amazing how many people have to fall on the sword for the Clinton's. Web Hubble, Susan McDougle, and now Sandy Burglar.

I like the way FrankJ put it, "Why can't this guy just steal furniture like the rest of the Clinton people?"

One more reason I started to blog

I've been thinking about blogging for a while. Everytime I think of something I'd like to say, I think "Wow, if I had a blog...." Well, here's one of those things.

Media Bias
Yeah, I know. It's been dealt with. But I just want to tell the story of how I understood media bias from a very early and highly impressionable age. I was born in South Africa (Mom was American, Dad is an Afrikaaner). I grew up in NJ. We used to get these newspapers from South Africa occassionally so my Dad could keep up on the goings on back "home."

When I was about 8 or 10 we got one where the front page had Nelson & Winnie Mandela marching down the street of some city in SA (probably Cape Town... don't really remember where) with banners and a crowd behind him. Then within a couple of days I saw the exact same picture on the front page of our local rag the Courier Post. There was one major difference. You see the banners and flags in the crowd behind him were Communist flags, complete with hammer and sickle. Only in the Courier Post is was cropped so you couldn't see them. You only saw Nelson and Winnie, smiling to their adoring fans.

I knew from that moment that the mainstream press was not to be trusted with giving us the truth.

Good riddance Doonesbury!

So Doonesbury is getting dropped. I don't care. I never liked it to begin with. Even in satire he's not funny (Trudeau that is). Cartoons are supposed to be funny. Enough with the left-wing propaganda, MAKE ME LAUGH!

What I love is the response to a company that decides not to do business with a big Lib like Trudeau gets from other big Lib's. They shout censorship, like a company ending a contract is keeping Trudeau from saying his opinion.

HEY ALL YOU LIBS! He's NOT going to JAIL, he's getting FIRED! There's a distinct difference! I like the way Rush put it, "You don't have a Constitutional Right to be heard."

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Why Undercover Hippie?

Okay, lets get the obvious out of the way first. Why Undercover Hippie?

Well, I wanted a convertible. I wanted a CHEAP convertible. I wanted a NEW convertible. I went to the 2003 Philadelphia International Auto Show and I sat in a new 2003 VW Beetle Convertible. I liked it. It was cheap. I bought it. Check here to see how it went at first.

Anyway, after my initial problems, I started getting grief from some friends about the "masculinity" of my choice. Well, I kind of expected that. But, I'm married with 4 kids. What do I care? I just keep the flower vase thingy in the dashboard filled with a cigar. Its not much, but it helps.

Then the cherry topping was a friend who said, "Oh, it's not gay... but it IS liberal!"

Well, I also failed to mention that I work in Princeton, NJ. That's East Coast Hippie Central! Oh they just all LOVE my new Beetle.

So then I got an idea! I'm really an undercover hippie! They think I'm one of them!


and then I had to go and ruin it all by putting on a Viva Bush bumper sticker.

But you should see the looks of complete confusion I get while driving through East Coast Hippie Central!

Thanks to FrankJ of IMAO

Thanks to FrankJ of IMAO for inspiring me to start this blog. Heck, I didn't even know what a blog was until I stumbled upon IMAO.

Anyway, I'm not funny like FrankJ, not as smart as FrankJ, not as boyishly handsome as FrankJ, not as skilled a Ronin as FrankJ, and I don't have SarahK for a T-Shirt Babe. But I do have lots of opinions. So, if this site generates any traffic, then there you are. If not, then I'll just be talking to myself. At least I'll be more disciplined in my soliloquy's.

Undercover Hippie is now Blogging!

Step right up, folks! Inside you will see the most amazing things.

"What is it?" you ask.

It's a White African-American, Conservative, Christian, Republican, Bigot, Homophobe, Sexist, Dittohead, DrudgeReport-reading, IMAO-posting, CNN-ignoring, non-Keyboard-playing, Democrat-mocking, non-Mountainbiking, non-emasculated-Beetle-driving, husband of one, father of four, totally right-wing voter (who's also been known to have the most amazing finger-toes!).