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Undercover Hippie

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Attack of the Moore-on's

So I just got done reading the interchange between Bill O'Reilly and Michael Moore at the DNC convention.

Moore just keeps ranting about sending the "children" in to fight for a "lie."

First, there were/are WMD's in Iraq! We got hit with them! Doesn't anyone remember the Sarin in the IED they found on the roadside? What's wrong with these people? Selective memory, or selective understanding?

Second, we don't send children into war! These are grown men and women. And, we don't have a draft. They were all volunteers. If he wants to keep saying silly things like this, I'm going to have to tell his mother. She'll slap him good! Silly little boy.

Third, O'Reilly and Moore both said that Bush said this was for an "imminent threat." Except that he never said that. In fact, he said that we needed to do this BEFORE the threat became imminent.

Fourth, Moore said that Bush kept saying there was a supposed connection between Iraq and 9/11. Bush did NOT say that. He said there was a connection between Iraq and Al Qeada. He never said they colluded specifically on 9/11.

So, on every point Moore is the one who's lying.


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