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Undercover Hippie

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Flood ravaged town, thought ravaged minds

So some of you may have heard of our recent floods in Burlington County, NJ. I have friend who lost almost everything he owns.

Well, the church I attend (Fellowship Alliance Chapel, Medford, NJ) has been helping out with people and material, and coordination. It's been amazing. But, my town (Lumberton) got hit as bad, if not worse, than Medford. Our church hasn't sent any crews to my town. I've been wondering why. On a work crew assignment today someone told me that the genius mayor (or someone?) in Lumberton turned down the offer of help from the church.

Yes, that's right! THEY TURNED IT DOWN!!!

Why? Well, get this! They were told its because they're concerned about "Separation of Church and State."

I don't know who said this, or even if its accurate. But I promise you this: I will get to the bottom of this and if its true, I will have a new mission in my life. My mission will be to completely lay waste to the political career of whoever has done this! Mayor? No. Councilman? No. Dog catcher? No. The guy at the fire department who polishes the chrome on the pumper truck? No. (You can MAYBE hold his towels for him though ... MAYBE.)


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