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Undercover Hippie

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Sandy Burglar

Well, now the detailed press reports are starting to come out. (Washington Post, and News Leader)

I've been in classified meetings, and have taken notes, and have had those checked before I left. Believe me, folks, you don't do what he says he did just by accident. It HAD to be intentional. That's why there's a procedure. You follow the procedure to minimize and/or eliminate any potential for accidents like that.

And this was not just a single document or two. This is (from press reports) over 50 pages of notes that left without approval.

Its amazing how many people have to fall on the sword for the Clinton's. Web Hubble, Susan McDougle, and now Sandy Burglar.

I like the way FrankJ put it, "Why can't this guy just steal furniture like the rest of the Clinton people?"


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