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Undercover Hippie

Thursday, August 19, 2004

How to tell a FEMA Impersonator

Apparently, there has been some hanky-panky going on down in Florida! This article gives us the skinny on some FEMA impersonators.

I hate FEMA impersonators. I had a buddy run into one at a bar one time. Scary stuff. My cousin had a friend almost make it with one. Boy was he creeped out!

Here are some tips for detecting a FEMA Impersonator:
- "Relief Check" does not involve a bodily search
- If he offers to replace your lost copy of "The Crying Game"
- If he sings show-tunes while performing the inspection
- If he says, "Don't worry, I can declare a state of emergency!" then send Gov. McGreevey back north where he belongs
- A slightly larger than normal adam's apple


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