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Undercover Hippie

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

CBS's source is OUTED! ... by ABC News

The source of the CBS story has raised more speculation in political circles than any since Deep-Throat. Well, ABCNews reports on the questions raised by the "Memos" and gives away an important clue.

Buried in the story is this quote by a CBS News executive:
"Most importantly, the content of the documents was backed up by our reporting and our sources who knew the thoughts and behavior of Lt. Col. Jerry Killian at the time."

This "mystery" source "knew the thoughts" of LTC Killian at the time.

Ladies and gentlepeople, there can only be ONE PERSON who would be privy to such knowledge!

Yes, that right! The source for the CBS News "Memos" must be none other than:
The Amazing Kreskin


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