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Undercover Hippie

Friday, September 17, 2004

Who are these people?

A few stories currently on the wire:
1- CBS Memo Source thinks Bush is like Hitler
2- Kerry Supporters make a 3-yr-old girl cry
3- Kerry Supporter has an air rage incident on a plane
4- Woman claims Bush killed her son

Is this the face of the modern Democratic Party?

They call Republicans hate-mongers? These people are angry and sad and they're not helping themselves until they deal with their own issues. If you are one of these angry people, here are some issues you must come to grips with:

1- Most of America doesn't care about Vietnam anymore. Get over it! We have.
2- George Bush won the election in 2000. Not the popular vote, the Electoral College. That's how it works. Get over it!
3- Saddam Hussein had WMDs. He used them on his own people. We found them in IEDs targeting our own troops. Its a fact, look it up.
4- The UN didn't want the war because they were profiteering from the Oil for Palaces program. Its a fact, look it up.
5- George Bush never said al Qeada and Iraq colluded on 9/11. He said they colluded, but not on that. And, they did collude. Its a fact, look it up.
6- George Bush never said that Iraq was an imminent threat. He said, "We cannot wait for the threat to become imminent." Its a fact, look it up.

Until you get a good grasp of reality, you will find yourself prone to these kinds of nutty behaviors. You people really need a 12-step program or something. I mean really ... making a 3-yr-old girl cry. You people are sick.


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