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Monday, November 15, 2004

From one veteran to Michael Moore

I found out Michael Moore was soliciting emails from veterans. So I sent one...

Date: Tue, 09 Nov 2004 11:33:39 -0500
From: Derek Viljoen
To: soldiers@michaelmoore.com
CC: frankj@imao.us
Subject: Hi from a Veteran

Mr. Moore,
I heard you wanted to hear from Veterans. Well that's terrific, because
I'm one, and I've always thought you should hear from me.

Here's the deal. I don't understand how people on the left don't
understand why we veterans don't trust you. What is hard here?
Everytime our military takes action in some place you roll out the
banners and take to the streets saying how the US shouldn't be doing that.

Well, this time you decided that your head hurt from getting hit
everytime you opposed our troops, so you decided to put stickers all
over your Yugo's exclaiming that "I Support Our Troops." There's two
things wrong with that: 1) support the troops by supporting the mission,
and 2) since when did you consider them "Our" troops? Isn't that the
whole point of the "Not in our name" garbage?

Its like you want to be thought of as really liking the troops but
despising what they do (hey didn't Clinton say that?). The purpose of
the military (as someone far smarter than I put it) is to kill people
and break things. That's what they do. And thank God that our military
can kill people and break things far better than anyone else's. That
means we don't have to take crap from people like Bin Laden.

But, I'm really amazed that a person who is obviously bright enough to
be very successful at whatever you do could be such a conspiracy nut. I
mean really. On one hand, I'm supposed to believe that George W. Bush
is dumber than a stump, and on the other I'm supposed to believe he's
capable of all these grandiose schemes and connivings. It just doesn't
make sense.

And if we put aside that involvement of George W. Bush, and just say
he's a pawn in some larger secretive world of power brokers with hidden
agendas... Well, who's THAT smart? We can't even get a decent sugar
substititute. And we've got billions of people that would pay lots of
money for that! (Wouldn't you? ... OH DAMN! I promised myself I
wouldn't bring up your corpulence... sorry.)

If there were some conspiracy out there, and they were this smart, do
you think they'd let you run amok with your insane-sounding ramblings,
just on the off chance that some disaffected Socialist would believe it?
Turns out that you're actually better than that, and you even got some
otherwise normal people to believe it. I know better than to think YOU
actually believe it. But hey, it pays the bills pretty good, don't it?

Anyway, you wanted to hear from a Veteran, and so now you have.

Derek Viljoen
SGT (E-5) Ret., US Army

/---------------------------------------| Derek Viljoen |
| http://undercoverhippie.blogspot.com |


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