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Undercover Hippie

Friday, January 21, 2005

The Eagles will win!

They must. That's all there is to it.

I really like Philadelphia. I like Penn's Landing, South Street, City Hall, Broad Street and the Avenue of the Arts. I like walking on Walnut Street and shopping on Market Street. I love the Italian Market, and the Gallery Malls. I enjoy the Constitution Center, Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. The Art Museum, Natural History Museum, Rodin Museum, and Franklin Institute are always worth seeing.

I remember riding the High Speed Line from S. Jersey over the Ben Franklin Bridge in the summers when I was off from school, and swiming in the fountain at Logan Cirle ... in my clothes ... in 90 degrees. What memories!

And this is precisely why the Eagles must win. Because if they lose a fourth straight NFC Championship game (third straight at home) then all of this will be gone ... because they will burn it down to the ground.

So, the Eagles must win.


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