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Undercover Hippie

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Patriots are not invulnerable

Do you ever what that show "Myth Busters"? I like it. They take some "urban legend" and try to demonstrate whether its possible or not. It usually just boils down to them blowing something up. But its always cool watch.

Well, we have a possible "Urban Legend" that has been circulating lately. Its goes something like this: "The Eagles have NO CHANCE of beating the Patriots."

I disagree. The Dallas Cowboys have NO CHANCE. The Eagles are playing the game. They have, by definition, a chance.

Have the Patriots lost a game this year? Yes. Actually a couple.

Have they lost to teams worse than the Eagles? Yes. To Miami (I'll grant that Pittsburgh is good).

There's a difference. The Eagles (discounting the last two games where they rested their starters) did not lose to a bad team at all this year.

So, just on the surface, I say the Eagles have taken care of business better than the Patriots. Who's the number one seed from their conference here? Not the Patriots.

Will the Eagles win? I have no idea.

Can the Eagles win? Of course.


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