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Undercover Hippie

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Stingy? Yeah, right!

Because this whole UN thing about us being stingy keeps running through the news, I thought I'd add a thought.

This guy (what's his name?) Egelund (?) says that because we don't have high taxes (we don't?) that we are stingy. We really want to pay more so we can help people who don't want to work.


Well here's my problem with his reasoning. I can some it up in one point. The government ain't everything, buddy!

I'd don't know how statistics are compiled, but I can assure you that just counting what money our government gives away (i.e. - through taxes) is but a paltry sum compared to the myriad nonprofits and religious organizations in this country that support all kinds of stuff Eagleman would like (but, probably a lot of stuff he wouldn't ... like abstinence education ... but I digress).

Mr. Eaglehead would probably be surprised to find out how generous Americans can be without the prodding of their government. You see we don't sit around in this country and wait for the government to solve every problem. That's the American spirit. We solve our own problems. Keeping these kinds of busybodies out of our own government has taken a lot of our energies away from solving our own problems, but we're doing what we can.

So, to you Mr. Eaglespit, go get bent!


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