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Monday, February 21, 2005

Hollyweird wooing Republican's?

MSNBC - Lights! Cameras! Lobbying!

They don't get it. Michael Medved nailed it yesterday on Fox News. He said, "The industry is run by a bunch of dope-smoking hippies from the 60's. And they are still hippies. They don't understand the 'real' America."

They don't like it and they don't WANT to understand it. They've been fighting the American culture their whole lives. Do we think just because they find themselves in the political and cultural minority that they're going to give up?

Look at the last quote by Glickman in this article:

Glickman generally tries to avoid plunging into the culture wars, but admits that last year's Bush-bashing by Hollywood celebs made him "cringe." At the same time, he dismisses the conservative backlash against movies like "Million Dollar Baby." "An awful lot of people of people need to lighten up a bit," Glickman says. That's the kind of evenhanded Kansas style that could some day win him rave reviews.

So people need to lighten up a bit? Hey, Mr. Glickman, a large portion of this country (nay, a majority!) think that euthenasia is murder! You want them to "lighten up" about murder? I don't care if you agree or disagree. I don't want anyone to "lighten up" about something that is murder.

Did your side "lighten up" over The Passion? No.

Why don't liberal sacred cows ever get skewered by Hollywood Elites? Why don't we have movies showing these self-absorbed, self-loving, self-actualized liberal nut-jobs jumping from Crytal's to New Ageism, to Karbala, to whatever the next wacko cult thing is as the shallow, self-righteous, narcisists that they are?

And if you're offended by that, Mr. Glickman, then all I have to say is: "Hey, lighten up!"


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