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Undercover Hippie

Monday, June 20, 2005

Why all the outrage?

Seriously, I don't understand what all the fuss is about with Senator Dick's comments. Its like these people have Rumpelstiltskin-syndrome or something. We all KNOW what the leaders of the Democratic party think of our military. (Bill Clinton said it is "the focus of evil in the modern world.")

Were you people paying attention for the last 40 years? Who undermines the defense of our country at every turn? Who is fighting the Patriot Act that keeps us safe? Who is demanding that we can't profile terrorists at airports? Who is trying to get illegal enemy combatatants to be released so they can go fight us again somewhere else?

Like I said before, we all KNOW what they think of our military. Why are we getting all upset now? I mean, I've been upset by this practically my whole life. All I can say to you people is, welcome to my world. Where have you been?


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