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Undercover Hippie

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I know JUST what to do about this

the Mail online | Mail - news, sport, showbiz, health and more | Father of 9/11 hijacker warns of 50-year war

We need to shoot him in the head!

See, Mr. Begala, we don't want YOU dead. We want THEM dead.

Unless, of course, you are one of them. And I really don't believe that. Should I?

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Dang! He's on to us!

Ex-Clinton Aide Charges Republicans 'Want to Kill Us'

Monday, July 18, 2005

Those silly French

Drought, and locusts ... check, check!

Only eight more to go.

I love the WSJ, but this is just silly

On the front page of today's WSJ there's an article about Griselda Martinez, a lower-income Mexican woman. It starts off as a heart-rending story about a father who skimps and saves on his few-dollars-a-day salary to put his daughter through college to finally push into the upper echelons of the Latin-American class system with a decent education.

The we find out that she decided to be an interior designer. Well, shoot Griselda, if you were going to squander all of your father's hard-earned cash on a decent education, do you think you might have picked ... oh, I don't know, maybe a BA degree?

I'm sorry, but they're trying to make me feel sorry for a "tortured artist." Oh, the glass ceiling for the poor of Mexico. Is it so bad that the rich in Mexico don't even want their drapes done by the "wrong sort"?

Friday, July 15, 2005

Hope for Frenchmen everywhere!

IOL: Woman 'miraculously' grows a penis

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Do Liberals ever Utilize Inductive Reasoning?

Sharp Rise in Tax Revenue to Pare U.S. Deficit - New York Times

In logic we have two primary ways of coming to a conclusion from a given set of facts: deductive, and inductive. It has proven impossible to explain to Liberals that lower tax rates increases revenue to the treasury using the deductive track. They just don't follow it. The challenge with inductive reasoning is that you need a body of evidence to draw upon to make that kind of argument. Well, now we have that body of evidence.

In the 1960's Kennedy cut taxes and increased revenues.

In the 1980's Reagan cut taxes and doubled revenues.

In the 2000's Bush cut taxes and .... WHAT? Come on, you liberals! Answer the question! You can do it, I know you can.

Screw 'em!

I'm not condoning this at all, but the reaction of the Muslim community is aggravating.

So, the whole world is in the throws of dealing with radical Islam blowing up innocent people. Note that its not radical Christianity, radical Bhuddism, radical Scientologists, radical Hinduism, or radical Taoism. It's RADICAL ISLAM!

And someone reacts to a Muslim on the street and the whole Muslim community acts as if they are the targets of genocide.


Hey Muslim spokespeople: WE are the targets of YOUR attempted genocide!!!

If you spent as much time in the press denouncing the acts of your brethren as you do denouncing acts like this (which, for the record, I also denounce) then maybe I'd take your complaints a bit more seriously.

Until then, I say screw 'em.