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Undercover Hippie

Monday, July 18, 2005

I love the WSJ, but this is just silly

On the front page of today's WSJ there's an article about Griselda Martinez, a lower-income Mexican woman. It starts off as a heart-rending story about a father who skimps and saves on his few-dollars-a-day salary to put his daughter through college to finally push into the upper echelons of the Latin-American class system with a decent education.

The we find out that she decided to be an interior designer. Well, shoot Griselda, if you were going to squander all of your father's hard-earned cash on a decent education, do you think you might have picked ... oh, I don't know, maybe a BA degree?

I'm sorry, but they're trying to make me feel sorry for a "tortured artist." Oh, the glass ceiling for the poor of Mexico. Is it so bad that the rich in Mexico don't even want their drapes done by the "wrong sort"?


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