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Undercover Hippie

Thursday, September 15, 2005

To recap...

- Mayor Nagin left the school buses in the parking lots.
- Governor Blanco declines to declare a state of emergency.
- Mayor Nagin kept the Red Cross from handing out food, clothes, and water to evacuees in the Superdome.
- Governor Blanco stalled on offers of immediate help from FEMA and the President within 24 hours of the hurricane.
- Mayor Nagin demanded "someone" get a fleet of Greyhound buses to him (remember those school buses?)
- Mayor Nagin refused the help of Amtrak to help evacuate the city (remember those school buses? and Greyhounds?)

And WHAT are we supposed to glean from all of this?

It's all President Bush's fault.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

My head almost exploded

You know how sometimes truth hits all at once?

That happened to me last night as Bill O'Reilly was arguing with Newt Gingrich about whether or not the government is to blame for not responding well to New Orleans. O'Reilly said something like, "They should have had a plan that could've helped the whole city."

It suddently dawned on me, "What plan could ANY government have to save a WHOLE CITY?!?!?" I put that in quotes because as it dawned on me I started yelling it at my wife. (My poor wife was the only one in the room to whom I could yell...)

Seriously. What plan can do that? There is no plan for the government airlifting 200,000 people off the roofs of houses. How could you seriously expect even FEMA to have a plan to do that? Its ridiculous.

Then my wife said, "But they expect government to do everything they can't do themselves."

Smart woman.