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Undercover Hippie

Thursday, May 18, 2006

It's PANDEMONIUM! Christians are rioting in the streets!

Now that their God has been blasphemed in this abomination of a movie (The Da Vinci Code), Christians all across the world have taken to the streets in angry mobs. Rioting has occurred ...

... well, nowhere. And no one has been killed. And there's no outcry of "Jesus Akbar!"

Oh, sure there's a lot of hurt feelings and impassioned denunciations. There may even be some who are condemning those responsible to eternal damnation. But, they are not God, and so their threats can be safely shrugged off.

I suppose Ron Howard and Dan Brown know who to pick on.

Hey guys, why don't you just step on a puppy next time?

UPDATE: One more thing to all you angry Christians: it's a NOVEL!


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