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Undercover Hippie

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Rally of Support for Tom Cruise - Nut-job!

So a bunch of Hollywood bigwigs are showing public support for Tom Cruise.

Um, so what.

This is what kills me about Hollywood. They think their opinions should matter to the rest of us. I could give a rat's rear about what Susan Sarandon thinks (assuming that she does). And I'm not going to change my opinion about the nut-job Cruise just because a bunch of people who are beholden to him for their livelihood say I should.

I SAW the video clips of him acting all Cuckoo's Nest on Oprah. And now I'm supposed to say, "Oh, he's a great guy" because the guy who makes millions off of his movies tells me how talented he is.

Hey Hollywood! Here's how it works. You make the movies and WE tell YOU if they're good or not. How about that?


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